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Beautiful Rings for sale in America



Most American women want to be given a beautiful ring when she gets engaged to the man she loves. Many women consider this to be the symbol of how much she is loved in the relationship. Some women ask for a large stone while others want something more conservative. In either case, the cultural use of an engagement ring is a tradition that is hundreds of years old and she will expect one to accompany the proposal. The typical engagement ring could be a single stone attached to a simple band of gold although they can be much more elaborate, and the ring itself may be made of different metals such as platinum or silver according to the woman's taste and the potential groom's budget. She will also expect the stone in her ring to be an authentic diamond. If her suitor lets her down in this, he may not be getting married. This is a serious subject for couples and the type of ring to get is a question that weighs heavily in the mind of potential grooms around the world. 

There are many different shapes and cuts of diamonds to consider when choosing an engagement ring for a potential fiance. These include asscher, cushion, emerald, heart, marquise, oval, pear, princess, radiant and round, to name some classic shapes. The asscher, emerald, radiant and princess are all square shapes with different cuts and their own type of sparkle. The cushion, oval and round cuts are all circular, and the pear, marquise and heart shapes are unique to themselves. Some vintage shapes include the bead, briolette and rose cut. The choice of which shape to choose may come down to some intuition on the potential groom's part, or the potential bride's choice outright.The quality of cut that was used on the particular diamond affects the sparkle and brilliance as well as the price of the stone. Another factor that can affect the price of the diamond is it's clarity and amount of inclusions in the stone. The potential buyer needs to strike a balance between the amount of money he wants to spend and the quality of the stone. It has been said that the amount of money the potential groom should spend on an engagement ring should be about two month's salary. This can vary, so the decision on which ring to buy is a tough one, especially when this may be the only time he has to make this choice.

One may wonder where to look for the perfect ring to symbolize the love in the relationship and get the girl he loves to say, "Yes." If you are in the Chicago area, one  Engagement rings Store in Chicago you may want to look is Merry Richards Jewelers. They have two locations, one in Oakbrook Terrace, and another in Glenview and also have a website to browse their selection. They have also been in business since 1985 and have had thirty years experience in helping to find the perfect ring for that perfect moment.