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Omega watches have been to the moon, but can they survive in the new culture and economy of today's urban landscape, most people, especially those of the younger generation, can hardly be convinced of the need for a watch. Often, They roll their eyes, and reply with a breathy and tired expression, that they would rather just check their phone for the time. They do not understand that checking their phone, is very unprofessional. It looks to employers that the phone checker is someone who wants to find something better to do, while the watch checker is trying to carefully orchestrate a series of events to get themselves the most out of their day. Functionally, what the person does is the same, find out how much longer it is until their next break, but the appearance is so contrasted.

Perhaps the reason millennialism, as the media brands anyone that is young and awkwardly trying to pursue a career outside of fast food and retail service, do not use watches, is because watches are a symbol of status, and status is what the millenials are trying to earn, not project. Or maybe its economic. millenials grew up in the consumerist paradise of the 1980's and 1990's. They would spend countless hours in the months before their birthdays and Christmas, pestering their parents for toys and games. Over the years, they may have gained bit more insight into their parent's financial constraints. To them being wasteful with money has become almost immoral. None of these young professionals can waltz into a Merry Richards and walk out with a brand new shining Omega Watch, even if they are in Chicago, and the watch is on the bottom shelf. In some ways, they see watches this way, as expensive thousand dollar bracelets that are worn by men, because jewelry is too effeminate.

They neglect to buy the much more economic watches from big box stores as well, not because they cannot afford it, but because they feel they do not need to. The cheapest cell phones can be had for around thirty dollars. To the millenials the cellphone is a vital necessity. On the surface, because they need to be able to give and receive phone calls at a moment's notice, but in reality it is so they can spend hours doing nothing but laughing at the antics of their peers, and contributing to the strategic national supply of selfies. Maybe some day, they will realize that a wrist watch is a vital part of the professional package and not a matter of extravagance, and when they get working, and earning what we call real money, then maybe more people will be seen with Bulova, Rolex, or Omega Watches in Chicago, New York, Dallas, Las Angeles and other major cities of the United States. Maybe the watches themselves will become more technologically advanced, just as the telephone has become an essential object, so should the wrist watch. Either way, The time keeping bracelets will endure.