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High Quality Caliber 12P for sale



Piaget pee-uh-zhey Watches has been a luxury brand that has stood the test of time for nearly 150 years. Named for its creator Georges Edouard Piaget. The brand was born in the 1940s after the business was taken over by Piaget’s son, who had the same drive and ambition as his father to develop a brand. The Piaget brand was registered, which means that watches were developed and sold under the movement Manufacture from La Côte-aux-Fées. Georges’ grandsons preserved the features and the performance of the timepieces, in tribute to their grandfather. They were also responsible for introducing the brand around the world. The business realized interest VERY quickly and high demand prompted Piaget to open a new manufacturing facility. This decision not only helped with addressing the large amount of orders, but it would prove to be crucial for future endeavors.

Not to be lost in the shuffle with other competitors, Piaget worked to create elements that would truly make their timepieces unique and coveted by consumers who appreciated excellent quality and craftsmanship in their luxury purchases. Piaget took the luxury watch world to new heights near the end of the 1950s with the introduction of the ultra-thin, hand wound Caliber 9P. Three years later, the Caliber 12P was released and held the title as the thinnest automatic movement. These designs would open up new and incredible opportunities for creativity in their future pieces. The ultra-thin movement lent to Piaget’s superiority in the Swiss watchmaker realm and it catapulted them into a category of excellence. Piaget desired to maintain control over the production of their products and, as a result, they purchased a number of goldsmiths’ workshops.



Piaget continued to be on the cutting edge with their designs, designs that were viewed as creative & precious. That creativity became the force behind the signature style of Piaget and Piaget pieces could easily be considered works of art. Piaget does appear to conform to usual watchmaking standards, rather it stands alone with its innovation. The Piaget Polo watch, released in 1979, is an iconic piece that quickly became an international sensation and recognizable as a classic, stylish piece that will never go out of style. New movement lines were developed and introduced in the 1990s, replacing the 9P and 12P movements that brought Piaget to worldwide acclaim. In 2001, a new Manufacture plant was opened and this opening was to help with continued and growing success of the Piaget Watches. The 50th anniversary of the release of the Caliber 12P prompted Piaget to reinforce its reputation as a creator of ultra-thin movement. In 2010, Piaget introduced first thinnest automatic movement and thinnest automatic watch, which broke double records.

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